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Very cool give away from a lovely Gluten Free site!


Gluten Free Homemaker is full of great recipes, and hints for everyone!


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I was quite pleased with my latest creation, so I thought I had better get the camera out and document it!

Since I’ve been taken off coffee (to balance my blood sugars), I’ve been wanting it… or some sort of yummy hot drink in the mornings.  My husband suggested chai tea!  Bless his heart!  So I checked my list of allowed foods and decaf black tea is ok!  Woot!!

After seeing so many posts on Facebook and driving by our local large chain coffee place, I kept seeing signs and posts referring to the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Normally, I might have one of these per year since I knew I couldn’t tolerate much dairy (and I shouldn’t have even done that).

So, this morning, while I was baking some cookies for the boys for this weekend, I wanted something yummy.  I could smell baking cookies and vanilla thru my kitchen and I knew I could have none of it once it came out of the oven.  (insert pity party emoticon)

I brewed myself a cup of vanilla chai tea, and whipped up some of the thick coconut milk.  I made about half a cup of tea and then filled the rest with So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk and spooned my whipped creation on top.  I must admit that I was positive the coconut whipped cream might melt right it, but it didn’t!  The picture above is what I got!  I then sprinkled some pumpkin pie spice on top!  Yum!  Satisfied my craving and I’m enjoying it as I type!

I’m sure this is something that could be made just as easily with almond or rice milk and I’ve been seeing a cashew whipped cream in stores recently – if you’re good with nuts I bet that would be yummy too!

As far as the cookies in the picture, they are made with a mix.  Pane Riso makes a great Rice Cake and Cookie mix and I’ve recently just found it here at the Wal-Mart!  They make egg replacer too and found that when we were travelling this summer – it was the only one I could find, but it works great!  I love it for most things and don’t use my other one much now.

My kids will be the taste testers of these when they get home!



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What a better way to start a new day than letting you know my breakfast recipes!  I know not all of these recipes fit all the needs of everyone as a whole, but individually, they meet the needs they have to.

While I’d love to be that mom that gets up at the crack of dawn to make a great breakfast for her family, I’m not.  We have a schedule to keep before school so we can get out the door on time!

Since boy #1 is ok with peanut butter, he had rice bread (egg free!) with peanut butter and jam.  I think he could happily eat this three meals a day too.  We use the Ener-G Brown Rice bread since it’s the only one I’ve found (that he likes) without eggs.

Boy #2 loves cereal and since he’s ok with most things, he just had some life cereal with non-dairy milk.  We generally use the Rice Dream, or So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk.  I did try to make my own rice milk last week… I may have to post that too!  I just haven’t perfected it yet.

My breakfast tasted much better that the boys (IMO).  I scrambled up 2 eggs with sun dried tomatoes, some Daiya cheddar style shreds and some herbed garlic salt and pepper.  YUMMY!  Thankfully, this fills me up and I’m ready for the day… as soon as I get my decaf chai tea going in my travel mug!

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I feel like I should write something ground breaking as the first post on here, but I don’t have anything!

I’d like this blog to be filled with helpful hints and ideas for cooking with food allergies, and not just one allergy, but a bunch!  I strive to find non-boring recipes that fit our families needs.

I’m still getting used to WordPress, so if I mess up, bear with me!

Till I find something more interesting, or a great recipe, feel free to read our story to see where we come from.

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